New glass wall raises questions

As students wandered through the halls during the first week of school, meeting up with friends, discussing schedules, and catching up on things, most couldn’t help but notice the glass encasing of the f-lab. What had previously been an open computer lab, much like the many porches around West Linn high school, now stood with panels of glass surrounding it, with access through only two glass doors on either side.

“It’s a conversation we have been having for a few years (to put up the glass) so I think everybody has been on the same page about it,” Wind Lothamer, Technology Fine Arts Dept. Chair, said.

The glass encasing is meant to lower the outside sound and other distractions from passing students.  This will help the f-lab become more of a classroom for classes like yearbook and AP Computer Science.

“You can actually have a class in there and not be interrupted all the time,” Lothamer said. “You don’t have random people walking into your class.”

Some students like the design that the glass encasing adds.

“I think they are new and cool looking,” Ashwin Krishnamoorthy, sophomore, said.

The glass encasing will hopefully serve its purpose to improve classroom quality and help students and teachers focus on their studies.