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Kenney Whitbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As an editor of the Amplifier, Kenney Whitbey, senior, has a deep passion for journalism.  “I need journalism like I need food and water,” Whitbey said.  The most memorable article he has written was about a local West Linn student who went to Africa to volunteer. However, Whitbey has a lot more on his plate than just writing for the WLHS newspaper.  He is also involved in National Honor Society, Link Crew and class council.

During school hours, Whitbey enjoys biology because it is applicable to life, which, for him, makes it an interesting class.  But what he is looking forward to most about this year are all of the senior traditions and activities like prom and graduation.  After high school, he hopes to attend a university in California, although he is looking into several different colleges along the West Coast.

This high school senior is involved in many activities in and outside of the school.  While Whitbey said his strengths lie in sarcasm, Madden and ping-pong, another passion of his is sports—whether he is playing in his own game or is one of the screaming fans in CenturyLink Field cheering on the Seattle Seahawks.  Whitbey is a cornerback and receiver for the high school football team.  In addition to football, he is also a midfielder for the WLHS lacrosse team.  Other sport interests of Whitbey’s include intermural basketball, beach volleyball and badminton.

Another important aspect of Whitbey’s life is his family.  His parents are the most influential people in his life because he believes that they have pushed him in the right direction and prepared him for the future.  Whitbey has two siblings; his brother is a freshman and his sister, seventh grader.  Also part of the family is a chocolate lab and mini dachshund.

Along with sports and family, Whitbey like to travel. Over the summer, he traveled to San Diego and Los Angeles for a week; however, if he could travel to anywhere in the world he would choose to visit Spain because of the laidback culture, food and history.

Whether it is sports, clubs, school or travel, Whitbey is enjoying his senior year and is excited and prepared for the future.

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