Main gym re-opens after intensive reconstruction

For months, students, faculty and coaches have been awaiting the re-opening of the main gym, which was damaged by the Oct. 8 fire. Along with gym, the wrestling room has also been cleared to open, although the kitchen, locker rooms and dance room will remain closed according to Rob Holstrom, assistant principle and athletics/activities director.

Members of the wrestling team are relieved that they can return to their normal routine.

“Practicing without the wrestling room caused the team many challeneges,” Cameron Schmitz, junior, said. “At Rosemont (temporary practice facility), it was harder to cut weight, there was no padding on the walls, and there weren’t showers which heightened the chance for disease.”

Although the wrestling room at the high school is more preferable to most members of the team, some members will miss parts of practicing at Rosemont.

“There was a lot more room at Rosemont to practice which was nice because it wasn’t nearly as crowded,” Louie Germain, junior, said.

It is unknown exactly how long before the still closed areas will remain closed, but they will hopefully be ready after the winter break according to Holstrom.