Fire Alarm caused by Culinary Arts class

Zoe Craig, People Co-Editor

May 10, 2016

With our school's history of fires, panic struck this morning as students were rushed out of the building at 7:30 because of a fire alarm. After 20 minutes of confusion, news hit that the school was not up in flames, instead t...

Main gym re-opens after intensive reconstruction

Kenney Whitbey

December 17, 2012

For months, students, faculty and coaches have been awaiting the re-opening of the main gym, which was damaged by the Oct. 8 fire. Along with gym, the wrestling room has also been cleared to open, although the kitchen, locker...

After fire damage auxiliary gym reopens, then closes again

Christian Marvin

November 16, 2012

The auxiliary gym reopened Nov. 7th, only to be re-closed for another two weeks, nearly one month after a fire damaged it. Immediately after the opening, it was noticed that the paint on the floor was chipping. The main problem in...

WLWV school districts assumes planning to finance fire repairs

Camille Collier

October 19, 2012

Following last Monday’s fire at West Linn High School rumors flew. One of which concerns a lawsuit against the welding company by the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  Lou Bailey, principal, dismisses this suggestion. ...

Best Facebook posts about the October fire

October 10, 2012

With the unplanned fire and the cancelled school day, Monday’s fire sparked a variety of Facebook statuses from students. Here is a compilation of some of the best and funniest statuses: “Why isn't anybody dressed as The...

Aftermath assessment of fire underway, school resumes tomorrow

Chrisann Kim and Chrisann Kim

October 9, 2012

After the Monday fire, contractors, fire crew and district personnel are still working on repairs and assessing damage caused to the roof and other areas of the school building. Despite a large school-wide evacuation, Lou Bailey,...

WLHS freshman found fire in bathroom

Sarah Lucas

February 2, 2012

Travis Whitehead, freshman, had an unusual start to his English class last Friday. After Whitehead was excused to go to the bathroom, he noticed something was out of the ordinary. “I walked into the bathroom and it felt a...

Bailey announces new safety protocol following arson incident

Elise Brown

January 30, 2012

At the beginning of second period on Jan. 30, Lou Bailey, principal, announced to the school that new measures will be taken to find the person responsible for Friday's bathroom fires. “Let me be very clear," Bailey said....

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