Aftermath assessment of fire underway, school resumes tomorrow

After the Monday fire, contractors, fire crew and district personnel are still working on repairs and assessing damage caused to the roof and other areas of the school building.

Despite a large school-wide evacuation, Lou Bailey, principal, comments on the student body successfully evacuating.

“I have to tell you all that our students did an outstanding job of evacuating,” Bailey said. “The fire department complimented my staff and student body on how this was handled.”

The affected areas of the school include the main gym, main commons area, and the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms. According to Bailey, the power is out in some parts of the building, while many electrical units and utilities are not working on other areas.

According to Mike Francis, student resource officer, school is open tomorrow on Wednesday, Oct. 10. It will be a 1-6 period day with a live ROAR announcement before third period.

Reporters Danny McGarry and Mat Grothe shot a video with Officer Francis to clear up any questions. Click here.