WLWV school districts assumes planning to finance fire repairs

Following last Monday’s fire at West Linn High School rumors flew. One of which concerns a lawsuit against the welding company by the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  Lou Bailey, principal, dismisses this suggestion.  Instead, the district plans to pay for the damage by other means.

“We do have insurance for catastrophes such as these,” Doug Middlestetter, district Business Manager, said. “They’re in the process of accumulating an estimate.”

Middlestetter is not sure when the repairs will start or how long they will last, but the company that will be working on the repairs is Todd Construction.

Damage from last year’s bathroom fires,  which triggered evacuations, were not as extensive as the one on Monday.  Not only did the fire prompt evacuation, but it also caused a more significant amount of damage.  Whereas last year’s damage was repaired by district workers, destruction from the most recent fire will take experts outside of the school district.

Additionally, the damage will take more time and efforts to repair, according to Middlestetter.

“They were just very impressed with how smoothly [the evacuation] went,” Middlestetter said.