Details emerge on fire’s cause


The fire which forced classes to evacuate on Oct. 8 was the result of a welding accident, according Brian Barker, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue public information officer. Sparks from the welders’ work caused a nearby shrub to be set on fire. School workers were able to extinguish it, but embers from the plant found their way into the vents above the main gym.

“The school will smell like smoke for a while,” Barker said. “The smoke’s not marching from room to room, but there is definitely damage. I can’t speculate how much, but work will need to be done to replace that part of the roof.”

Mike Francis, student resource officer, estimates that today’s incident was a three-alarm fire.

Before school can begin again, according to Francis, “We need to do a damage assessment and see what the fire damage, smoke damage and air quality is. Then we can make a decision on when classes can get back in progress.”

According to a Flash Alert notification sent to parents at about 6:30 p.m., school is canceled tomorrow, Oct. 9.