Christian Marvin

Christian Marvin, Athletics Co-Editor

He aims, he shoots, he scores - basketball is one of many activities that Christian Marvin, junior and Athletics Editor, has an affinity for. In fact, a life full of friends, church and sports is one that he leads daily. With his hands full of engaging activities, in and out of school, Marvin looks forward to an exciting year.

This school year, Marvin has a full schedule on his hands. Physics is his favorite class because it is less rigorous than a handful of his other AP and Honors classes. He enjoys being on Amplifier because he “likes to write and there’s always something to do”.

Though he does not know exactly what path to take in the future, he does know that he wants to try his best in high school and start from there.

“I’m really want to get good grades this year, especially because I’m taking some hard classes,” Marvin said. “I also want to be more involved in service projects too.”
At home, Marvin prefers to eat, relax and then do homework. He and his sister have two fish: Marvin’s is Flo, and his sister’s is King Triton. Despite his busy schedule, Marvin always finds time to spend for himself and with his family. Marvin enjoys eating chicken alfredo and drinking root beer and Dr. Pepper as well.

Out of school and home, Marvin is an avid participator in his church. Every Sunday, he teaches kindergarten at church, and attends youth group every Wednesday. In addition, Marvin also goes to Night Strike, a program in which he feeds homeless in downtown Portland.

“I like getting to play with the kids and teaching them,” Marvin said. “The kids are really fun and I like getting to know them.”

As for the sports aspect of his life, Marvin plays basketball. He prefers not to play on a school basketball team, but rather plays for enjoyment. Marvin’s specialty is shooting half-court shots and dunking on a ten foot net. He enjoys playing with friends because it is more fun, and there is a friendly competition.

Marvin hopes to complete his junior year and enjoy his last year in high school. He believes that can get through his high school life with the help of his family and friends. In all aspects of his life, he hopes to be successful and take the next step of his life.

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Christian Marvin