Supernatural Burgers offers high prices and quality food


Be honest. There aren’t many fast food places that offer a quality burger anymore. More often than not, they are burnt, too thin, or greasy. There aren’t many places that serve a real burger, cooked to perfection. But Supernatural Burgers, a food cart located at SW 9th and Washington in Portland does it with relish.

Supernatural Burgers serves a variety of burgers (Hawaiian, Pepper, Peanut Butter, etc.), as well as hot dogs and chili. There are plenty of options. The prices, however, are not ideal. A regular hamburger costs $6.50, and additional toppings, such as cheese or bacon, are an additional 50 cents. As far as a value meal goes, Supernatural Burgers is a little pricy, but serves quality food, and that for many is worth the price. Supernatural Burgers offers some very unusual meals, like the peanut butter burger, but the plain cheeseburger isn’t too far from what most are used to.

Supernatural Burgers wins you over with its friendly service. The two workers were both very friendly, not to mention patient. However, one downside to the small staff is the wait time. On a busy day, they will still promise a five minute wait, but that quickly turns into ten minutes. Another downside was the small drink selection; the only options were canned juice.

These cons were quickly forgotten when the warm food arrived. Really, it’s a lot of food. If the order included fries, they load your box with fries, similar to Five Guys, leaving a scarce amount of room left for the burger. The fries are skinny and just about what you would expect; heavily seasoned and salted, crispy and not greasy. For an additional $2, the fries are enough to qualify as a meal itself.

Every burger is one-third of a pound and cooked between medium and medium well, leaving plenty of juice in the meat. Each burger also comes with traditional burger toppings: fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles (sour pickles, not sweet). Finally, the bun was lightly toasted and a little cheesy. Once you pick up the burger, it is hard to put it back down.

When I first ordered at Supernatural Burgers, I was expecting to give it only three out of five stars, mostly due to the prices. However, the quality of the food made me change my mind. Overall, I would give it four out of five stars. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who spends their lunch hours in Portland, as long as they aren’t on a strict budget. If you have never had the experience of eating at one of Portland’s food carts, Supernatural Burgers is definitely a good place to start. It is open at lunch hours on weekdays.