Spanish teacher Flynn leaving for California


Gabe Flynn, Spanish teacher, has announced today that he and his wife, Rachel Pass, will move to California to seek new opportunities in each of their careers.

Flynn, who has been teaching Spanish at West Linn for eight years, will be moving to San Luis Obispo, Calif, mainly because of a job opportunity for his wife. Pass, who has been teaching high school English in Oregon, is switching careers. She will be working as a writer and editor for MINDBODY, a software company in San Luis Obispo.

“This was really a recent option for us. We’ve only been looking at it for three or four weeks,” Flynn said.

Flynn will continue working as a Spanish teacher while in California. He will be teaching at Saint Joseph’s High School in Santa Maria, Calif. next year.

Flynn also said that while he is excited for the new opportunities, especially for his wife, there are plenty of reasons that he will miss West Linn High School.

“There are very talented students here, for one thing. The teachers here are funny and talented, and really one of the best groups of teachers you could find anywhere in the country,” he said. “And the people here are always very positive, which is something I appreciate about West Linn.”