School competition “Survivor” contestants selected

Today the names of the ten seniors that will participate in West Linn’s version of Survivor were announced via The Roar. The ten seniors that will participate and stay in the school full-time for one week are:

  • Jonathan Macemon
  • Nicholas Hanlin
  • Sydney Herbst
  • Kelsey Oleson
  • Marisa Brookhouse
  • Caroline MacAusland
  • Anthony Glausi
  • Rachel Sliger
  • Evric Jenkins
  • Griffith Luehrs

Survivor is a competition within WLHS in which ten seniors compete in random games that may be similar to those seen on the popular T.V. show. Throughout the week, the contestants vote off either one or two contestants each night. The last contestant standing will receive the grand prize of a new MacBook. The competition is an annual event and was created last year. The competition will begin Sunday, February 12th.