Bailey announces new safety protocol following arson incident

At the beginning of second period on Jan. 30, Lou Bailey, principal, announced to the school that new measures will be taken to find the person responsible for Friday’s bathroom fires.

“Let me be very clear,” Bailey said. “This is a major crime.”

From now on, to leave class during class time, students will be required to carry a bright pink hall pass and sign out with their teacher. Security personnel will be in the hallways and question students without a hall pass.

“I’m sorry that some of the responsibilities and freedoms you are used to will be restricted,” Bailey said, “but our first priority is safety.”

Bailey emphasized that Friday’s fire was arson in the first degree, and the perpetrator will face a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years in prison under Measure 11. He urged any students with knowledge of who caused the fire to come forward.

“If those in the know do not come forward, they could be charged with conspiracy or as an accomplice,” Bailey said. “If you have information, you have a civic responsibility to let us know.”

Bailey also recognized Bill Ray, head custodial engineer, and Claude Koch, custodian, for their efforts in keeping the fire from spreading. Koch was hospitalized on Friday after inhaling dangerous levels of smoke, but he has made a full recovery.

Bailey’s video message can be viewed on Media Cast.