Fire Alarm caused by Culinary Arts class

The tradition of making omelets with the superintendent ended in an unexpected fire drill this morning

With our school’s history of fires, panic struck this morning as students were rushed out of the building at 7:30 because of a fire alarm. After 20 minutes of confusion, news hit that the school was not up in flames, instead the culinary arts class had burnt a few too many omelets during their early bird class.

For the last four years, superintendent Bill Rhoades has come to West Linn High School to help teach the culinary arts students how to make omelets.

“I always enjoy coming in and helping teach with Mrs. Erickson.” Rhoades said, “This wasn’t the first fire we’ve had though! Plus we did need a May fire drill and this morning we got it!”

Stacey Erickson, librarian and culinary arts teacher, explains that this is one of her favorite days of the year, “It is such a fun experience to share with the kids!” Erickson said. “The fire happened our first time we did this, this time the omelet only lit for a second. We just have sensitive alarms!”