Jan Dickinson grows from her Southern Roots


Moving from the Deep South to the Pacific Northwest would be quite a change for most people. But for Jan Dickinson, English teacher, it is perfect for her “tree hugging” personality. Dickinson has taught in Georgia and New Mexico and now adds Oregon to her resume. She attended Jacksonville State University in Alabama and this will be her twenty fourth year teaching.

“I am excited to be here,” Dickinson said. “It’s been so fun meeting new colleagues.”

Oregon is the perfect location for Dickinson’s long list of hobbies ranging from cycling and hiking to her love of drumming.

“I have a long love of percussion; mainly drumming with my hands,” Dickinson said.

Not surprisingly, due to her Southern roots, Dickinson also has a strong passion for football.

“When one grows up in the state of Alabama they have a decision that they must make – whether to root for Alabama or Auburn,” Dickinson said.

Although Dickinson is from Alabama, she is in the process of, at least partially, becoming a Beaver fan.

Dickinson will be teaching English in grades 12, 10 and 9 this year.

“I bring a broad range of interests to the classroom so that I can engage students with applicable examples in the real word,” Dickinson said.