Possibility of public pool


In 100 years of West Linn, the city has never had a recreation center for the community to gather.  In order for residents to use a recreation center or pool, they have to drive to a different city.

The idea of building a West Linn pool and recreation center has been discussed since the indoor pool at West Linn High School closed in 1974.  However, the task force for this project was only established by the city in 2010.  Since then, this task force has been educating themselves on how to make West Linn’s recreation center suitable for residents.

Nancy King, co-chair of the West Linn Aquatic Center Task Force, was asked to join the task force in 2010.  She thought that an indoor recreation center was a brilliant idea and agreed to help the cause.  King believes that this building would benefit the community as a whole.

“West Linn needs to have some place where every age group will have somewhere to go,” King said.

The recreation center would be located on the property at Parker Road adjacent to Tanner Creek Park.  This Aquatic Center would offer a place for people to meet, exercise, and would also provide an alternative option for the students of Rosemont Middle School who currently gather at Safeway.   The facility has the potential for a pool both for family fun and lanes for those who enjoy swimming laps, an indoor running and/or walking track, basketball court, meeting rooms that can be rented out, studio classes and a weight room.  Other possibilities include a competition-sized pool, swim lessons, and a youth swim team.  Individual and family memberships will be offered with a discount to West Linn residents.  Even though the plans for such a center are uncertain, the possibilities can make many residents excited.

Within the next couple of weeks a full campaign will be in place in favor of building an aquatic center for the citizens of West Linn.  It will be up to the voters to decide whether or not such a place can exist for the community.  The polls that have been taken thus far have come back 50/50 with people in favor of a recreation center versus those who are not.

“If it is passed, it won’t be by a huge margin,” said King.  An opposing argument would be the raise in taxes due to the building of this facility.

The West Linn Aquatic Center Task Force realizes that this will be a close vote, but they are hoping that the community will see the potential for a recreation center and will vote in favor of it.

If you would like any information about the West Linn Aquatic Center, visit their website at wlparc.com.  If you are 18 years or older and would like to register to vote, there is a link on their website.