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Anna Weeks, Arts & Culture Co-editor

Moving schools your senior year requires a lot of adjustments, which adds to the chaos of an already crazy year. But, for Anna Weeks, senior, the transition from Tualatin High School to West Linn High School hasn’t been too difficult.

“I have already accepted moving and at least I still get to see my old friends,” Weeks said. “My parents tell me it’s like I am a foreign exchange student – but I’m only 20 minutes away.”

Although Weeks location has changed, her passions haven’t. She still loves to paint, travel and she is still obsessed with football.

“Football is how I bond with my dad. We love to watch the Beavers and Notre Dame play every Saturday,” Weeks said.

Weeks also attends high school football games on Fridays. She stays active through dance and is a member of the West Linn Debutantes. She brings a year of prior dance experience with her.

“Dance has been a great way for me to meet new people here and it’s something I really enjoy doing,” Weeks said.

Weeks also expresses herself in the arts through painting. She is taking paint III to build upon her skills. Although she enjoys painting, Weeks’ favorite activity is traveling.

“It’s great to visit new places and experience different cultures. My family goes to Cabo and Palm Springs a lot,” Weeks said.

Along with these popular relaxation spots, Weeks enjoys the thrill of theme parks.

“My family loves to go to Disneyland,” Weeks said, “But I love roller coasters.”

This love for rollercoasters can be satisified at Six Flags Magic Mountain for Weeks where X2 is her favorite ride.

“I love the adrenaline rush you get and I always feel like I’m going to die but I don’t,” Weeks said.

Weeks plans on traveling when she graduates from high school – at least travelling far from home.

“I would be a third generation student if I attend Notre Dame, which is my dream school,” Weeks said.

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Anna Weeks