ROAR Reporters Raise School Awareness

ROAR Reporters Raise School Awareness

Keeley Anderson and Kevin Edwards report for West Linn High School’s ROAR

The students of West Linn High School see their bright and shining faces every Wednesday morning, but who really are the people on the screen and behind the desk of the school’s video broadcast the ROAR?

ROAR reporters, Keeley Anderson and Kevin Edwards, seniors, report school information ranging from dates and results of sports games to club and activity meeting times every Wednesday during second period.

Anderson and Edwards work together to provide an entertaining information source.  Both Anderson and Edwards are Associated Student Body officers and contribute more to the school than just broadcasting the ROAR once a week.

Anderson is the Director of Community Relations and Edwards is the Assemblies Director, but they combine their ideas to write the script for the ROAR.

Anderson has also been on ASB for two years now and was previously an assistant to video operations where she helped with the ROAR and other video related jobs.  Her favorite part about the ROAR is “the challenge of making it intriguing to both students and staff.”

“I’m most looking forward to carrying on the legacy of the ROAR but at the same time adding our own touch to it,” said Anderson.  Being on ASB means they have a voice in important decisions, which is a big part of why Anderson enjoys it so much.

Snowboarding, rock climbing and Young Life also play an important role in Anderson’s life.  In the future, she wants to have a positive impact on the world around her.

Edwards tried out for ASB because he wanted to “make the school a better place.”  Being a second year officer, he has enjoyed getting to know different people throughout the school in different social groups by working with them.  He was chosen by his peers on ASB to do the ROAR because of his lack of stage fright.  As Assemblies Director he writes the scripts and plans for each assembly.

His dreams of following in former ROAR reporter, Alec Grans’, footsteps have been fulfilled.  Edwards’ favorite thing about the ROAR is confusing Anderson by not sticking to the script.

Outside of ASB, Edwards enjoys music, hanging out with friends and swimming.  He is most looking forward to hopefully winning another basketball state championship with his team.  One of his goals for the future is for Oprah to sign his forehead.