Take part in Community Service Day to represent “West Linn Strong”

Meet in the Commons after school on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Community Service Day, developed by the West Linn High School Associated Student Body, offers all students an opportunity to make a difference in their community. On March 18, students will meet at 1:30 p.m. in the Commons to take part in this event.

“If you need a ride to get to an event outside of the school, just ask one of the ASB members and we’ll take you there,” Kate Macnamara, junior ASB officer, said.

There are several different types of community service are available to participants. Two of the five events take place inside or near the school and involve custodial duties and stadium cleaning. The events that take place outside the school consist of ground cleaning around an elementary school, volunteering at Mary S. Young Park, and tidying up a local park.

The Community Service Day was inspired by the phrase, “West Linn Strong”.

“At the beginning of the year, West Linn Strong meant doing well at the games or going through tough times, but I also want part of it be us serving the community we’re part of,” Travis Fain, senior and ASB president said. “And this will be us showing that with our actions.”

The purpose of Community Service Day is not to have as much participation as possible, according to Fain, but to serve as much as possible.