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For some high school students, any thought afforded to the future is devoted to their next meal, next paycheck, or next like on Instagram. But Ji Hyun An, sophomore, constantly considers how her actions as a high school student will affect her life as an adult. Not only the Current Events section editor of Amplifier, An is also taking AP Chemistry, AP Stats, and higher-level spanish and math classes. “I’m taking [the AP classes] because I want to get the best possible for myself in the future,” she said.

So far, the quest for a successful adult life hasn’t been easy for An, largely because of how she dealt with stress in her freshmen year. “Last year, I was struggling to find balance and I barely had any energy. I would procrastinate, and then get stressed out trying to get things done at the last minute. Finals were... not perfect, because I started studying for them the day before, and had multiple panic attacks. It was really scary,” An admitted. “Procrastination is such a terrible habit and I recommend anybody to break it. It's almost like an addiction; it gives you short happiness but once you snap out of it, you're so behind and have a lot to deal with.”   

Like many other students, An’s elective was the only class she found solace in.

“Journalism was the one class last year I actually enjoyed. It’s refreshing, like getting what you need to say out,” An said. “I chose it as an elective because I’ve always wanted to be a TV reporter. As a kid I would stand in front of the TV and pretend to be a weatherman.”

This year, An wants to do things differently, and her schedule reflects that. “It’s easier to focus and study when I’m more interested in the subjects,” An said. “I’ve definitely put too much on my plate. But if you want something, you have to work for it- it makes the goal more worthwhile.”

Concerning long term goals, An wants to find work not only in her own academic safe haven, but also create a safe haven for others.

“Maybe a humanitarian/journalist, I really love helping people,” An said.

Further, An started reading self-help books and watching Ted Talks on psychology over the summer. They focus on the benefits of having a growth, rather than fixed mindset. “Not because I have low self esteem,” An said. “I just like to improve myself and make sure I’m the person I want to be. I really hope I can do it.”

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