It’s going to get bloody tomorrow

WLHS hosts the an American Red Cross Blood Drive tomorrow

This year, some juniors and seniors are going to be saving lives and they swear to do it by blood, literally.  The Red Cross Blood Drive is coming to West Linn High on Oct. 22 and students can pre-register at the library during lunch at the Red Cross Blood Drive tables. There are no deadlines to when you can register but it’s recommended you do so earlier rather than later.

“There is no deadline and we do welcome walk-ins. However, for the sake of organization and so we can make sure we have enough space to accept everyone who wants to donate, we ask that you register by Oct. 22,” Anna-Maria Hartner, junior and head coordinator of the blood drive, said.

Students should to be at least 17 or 16 with parental consent to donate and must weigh a minimum of110 pounds. If you have been sick lately, or are sick, you will not be able to donate but allergies do not matter. Some students may experience side effects like light-headedness and tiredness but they are avoidable with a good night’s sleep and a meal of iron-rich foods prior to the donation.

The donation process is about two hours long, most of which is waiting time. It is optional to bring a book. However, there will be Red Cross volunteers willing to chat at all times at all times according to Hartner. After the donation, delicious cookies and a glass of juice will be provided.

“In fact, we don’t let you leave until you’ve eaten something, Red Cross policy,” Hartner said. “We’d rather not have you faint.”

Each pint of blood is capable of saving three lives. The blood will go to whoever needs it; car-accident victims, cancer and transplant patients or people with blood disorders.

“Students should donate because you can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Eighty seven percent of people will end up needing a blood transfusion at some point in their lives, but 3 percent donate,” Hartner said. “Someone needs blood every two seconds. Isn’t saving lives reason enough? The need is constant.”

If you are interested in participating, join the Red Cross Club in Room E101 on Thursday to stay notified and for more information about the blood drive.