West Linn Model UN club attending MUN Conference this weekend

On Thursday, the MUN club will leave to attend a MUN conference


Brittany Park

Final preparations are discussed at the last MUN meeting before the conference. The busses left WLHS at 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

The Model United Nations club at WLHS began its activities to prepare for a mock UN conference this spring at the start of the year. Finally, this Thursday, the team will drive up to Eugene as delegates of WLHS and of their two countries, Australia and Sierra Leone. Members have prepared for this event by attending meetings on Wednesdays, writing two position papers and a resolution, and partaking in credentialing.  Although the Model UN’s advisor and social studies teacher, Todd Jones wishes for students to have fun, he hopes through this, they will become more conscientious to the diversity of cultures and learn how to address global issues.

“I want them to learn three things. To become more aware of other cultures and challenges people face around the world, and also to believe that they can help address those challenges,” Jones said.

The goal of the Model United Nations is to develop a resolution that could be considered and passed onto the United Nations, though this has yet to occur. A resolution is singled out by several rounds of elimination. The first round is called a formal debate. This is very organized debate where the staff maintains speakers list and delegate speak in the order they raised their placards. Each country has a chance to promote their resolution. Then, in the second stage, the Moderated Caucus, the rules of the previous stage are eliminated and there is no speakers list. In the last stage, there is an open discussion where freely debate with other countries about resolutions. Afterwards, resolutions are voted on by the committee. The resolution selected will eventually be sent to the UN. However, a resolution has never been passed on before

“I’ve participated in MUN for two years, and although its workload is higher than other clubs, I would say it is definitely one of the most fun and rewarding clubs at West Linn,” Bo An, junior, said. At around 2pm on Saturday, the members will return from the conference.