WLHS students raise money for library in Nepal in honor of Cooper Hill and Antonio Caballero

In solidarity with the people of Nepal, WLHS students have begun raising money for relief funds

West Linn High School is no stranger to tragedy. On Feb 21, Antonio Caballero, and Cooper Hill, juniors were killed in a car accident. The slogan “West Linn Strong” became a staple on  social media accounts and in the community. Nepal experienced a 7.3-magnitude earthquakes on April 25. And last week they endured another earthquake. According to CNN, both earthquakes have resulted in 7,040 recorded deaths and 14,000 injuries.

When Todd Jones, World History teacher, heard about the horror in Nepal, he called on his students to help. Together they came up with the plan to raise money to build a library in Nepal in honor of their classmates lost this year.

“We found out about the program through a newspaper article. We learned of a nonprofit organization in Central Oregon called Ten Friends that provides services for Nepal,” Jones said. “ One of their projects is to build libraries. After the tragic earthquake in Nepal last month, this struck us as a worthy cause.”

Students in leadership classes are also involved in the project. They are in charge of spreading the word about the fundraiser website and helping raise money.

“Mr. Jones came to our class asking for help. I love this idea a lot because it will help so many people and make Toni and Cooper’s name live on forever,” Zach Huffstutter, freshman said. “All of the student body should donate and I’m proud to live in a community and be in a class that does these projects.”

A  “gofundme” site has been set up to raise $2,000 to build the library. To contribute: http://www.gofundme.com/ua94sw