Primary election roundup

With the news cycle over the past summer, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we’re in the middle of a major election cycle.  But don’t fret, it’s not too late to catch up on the action.

Arguably the biggest headlines of this election cycle have revolved around the democratic party’s gargantuan task of beating the inevitable re-election campaign of Donald Trump.  Currently, 20 different candidates are fighting for media attention and donations, and among those candidates are just as many ideas for beating the Trump administration.

Candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are appealing to young, college-age students by promising to stand up to the systems that first allowed Trump to be elected, while candidates like Joe Biden are attempting to appeal to the nostalgia of Barack Obama’s administration.

Sanders, Warren, and Biden are currently considered to be the front runners after strong performances in the summer democratic debates from Warren and Sanders, as well as strong name recognition in the case of Biden.

But American elections always involve at least two parties, and the current party in power has been busy building its defenses against the impending attack from the democrats.  Donald Trump officially announced his reelection campaign during a rally in Orlando Florida during June. And it seems as if the GOP is largely standing by the New York-born incumbent as only two other candidates have officially announced election campaigns. 

Tune in later this month for an in-depth analysis of the upcoming Democratic debates, and all things 2020 presidential elections.