Remy Gottschling
If you were to walk into the performing arts building, hang a left past the bathrooms into the band room, and then make your way to the practice room hallway, you would most likely find Remy Gottschling, senior, playing one of the old keyboards in a back practice room.

“Music is pretty much my life at this point. It honestly always has been,” Gottschling said.

Gottschling attributes his interest in journalism to the hours of time he’s spent reading professional and amateur reviews of albums and movies online.  

“I’ve always loved the idea of becoming a pop culture critic online. The idea of spending my time writing about the stuff I really love is extremely appealing to me, and that’s where I think journalism would help,” Gottschling said.

As a member of JSA, a political club aimed at getting students voices out, Gottschling is also interested in writing about current day American politics and how they affect the lives of students.  

“We live in a time of extreme change in America, and students like us will be the ones who can really change the world. Doesn’t matter if it's journalism or music, we can get a message out that can help change the world.” Gottschling said.

Remy Gottschling, Coverage Editor

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Remy Gottschling