Spooky scary Lions

How do you maximize the amount of candy you can get in one night? With little time and dark skies, planning out your route and maybe a costume change or two is key to getting pillowcases-full on Halloween. For students’ advice on how to get the maximum amount of candy, as well as other Halloween fun, check out this special Halloween-themed Word on the Street.

If you are planning on going out Halloween night, West Linn has many different neighborhoods with advantages and disadvantages to all of them regarding trick or treating. 

  • Bolton West Linn High School is associated with the Bolton neighborhood. This neighborhood consists of schools and a main highway. This is not ideal for trick or treating. There is an area by Bolton Primary School where there are houses close to each other, but it does end quickly and there are not very many compared to other areas around West Linn. 
  • Willamette The Willamette area has many shops and restaurants, as well as a park and great neighborhoods with houses close to each other. Also known as Old Town West Linn, the houses there are small and close together. Once you get into the neighborhood streets are not very busy. Also, earlier in the day, the downtown shops host a trick or treat gathering from 3 to 6 where you can come and walk around and trick or treat at the shops. Willamette area is a good place to trick or treat.
  • Hidden SpringsThe Hidden Springs neighborhood is the second-largest neighborhood in West Linn, hosting the second largest amount of houses. This in return means that it is a good neighborhood to trick or treat in. It also has one house that goes all out every year and does a mini haunted house, so if you end up in this neighborhood make sure to check it out.