One Minute Rants

Rant 2: meteorologists by Logan Winder


Karina Rower

Just one minute and maybe a little more. One Minute Rants, a new podcast available wherever you get them, dives into a wide range of topics and opinions presented by our own staff, but only for one minute.

On this week’s episode of One Minute Rants, opinions editor Logan Winder gives his opinion on meteorologists and their predictions.

In light of the extreme weather conditions our staff and school have faced in the past year, including the largest ice storm to hit Portland and its surrounding areas in almost four decades, the forecasts by our local meteorologists have become very important. Winder touches on this, as well as how the predictions made by meteorologists, whether accurate or not, impact the everyday lives of citizens.

To hear more about meteorologists, their impact on the community, and the importance of weather forecasts, listen to Winder’s rant using the link below and stay tuned for more episodes in the near future.