SSO – If West Linn built a new community center, what activities would you want to have there?


West Linn kids have long complained about not having anything to do and nowhere to go. There are church community centers, but those who are not church involved often feel that they have no alternatives for community activities. We interviewed one student from each grade about what activities they would enjoy at a community center if West Linn decides to establish one. Here’s what they said:



Yem Alharithi, freshman:

” A soccer  field, or maybe a tennis court.”





Talia Bootz, sophomore:

“Sports and stuff, like soccer. And also a place where people could learn to play instruments.”




Preston Stutznegger, junior:

” I would like dodgeball, some LARPing, chess tournaments, young vs. seniors games, and cake walks. Things like that would be fun; I would want stuff that brings people together.”




Jeffery Freeman, senior:

“A rock wall. We need a rock wall! Dodgeball and a gaming center would be pretty fun too.”