West Linn community members in strong favor of possible indoor Aquatic/Community center

Sarah Oliveras

March 19, 2013

West Linn community members have spent a long time waiting for an aquatic center. The possibility of constructing a new community center was introduced in 2000 by the West Linn City Council. However, other issues such as road...

Lions Helping Lions: West Linn aids lions in Africa

Camille Collier

April 24, 2012

West Linn Lions are thriving—in the classroom, in activities and athletics-as well as within the community. The story for lions in African countries such as Kenya, is dramatically different. Lions Helping Lions, a fundraiser set up ...

Southeast Portland’s Sunnyside neighborhood protests give bad image of the LGBT community

Gracie Sleeper, Staff Reporter

November 3, 2011

We have to admit it – it’s a little strange that a conservative church would purchase a building in the middle of a mostly liberal Portland neighborhood. Clashing is expected, but sometimes it goes too far for comfort. Even...

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