West Linn community members in strong favor of possible indoor Aquatic/Community center

West Linn community members have spent a long time waiting for an aquatic center. The possibility of constructing a new community center was introduced in 2000 by the West Linn City Council. However, other issues such as roads, a new police station and water management have been at the top of the councils’ priority list.

City Council members are planning on conducting a survey within  the next month throughout the community to see if the idea of a less expensive outdoor pool would meet with a positive reaction. Based on the outcome, the City Council will decide if an aquatic center will be added to the November ballot. So far, however, the reaction has been mixed.

“Why would we want an outdoor pool, even if it’s less expensive? We would only be able to use it four or five months a year,” Steve Rhodes, a West Linn parent, said.  Membership would cost around $20- $30 a month per family and raise property taxes by about $35 per year, according to Rhodes.

“The estimated cost for an aquatic center would be $8.7 million on the lower end and $12 million on the upper end,” Mayor Kovash said, “ One of the main concerns throughout the community is the initial cost for taxpayers.”

If built, the aquatic center would include a lazy river, slides, gym equipment, classes for the elderly and day camps.

“Depending on how elaborate they decide to make it, we could have the possibility of having a swim team, a water polo team and possibly even a diving team,”  Kovash said.

“We have many kids on the Oregon City Swim Team who live in West Linn. Building an Aquatic Center would not only allow all community members to have a place to swim, it would also give West Linn the identity of being a healthy place to live,” Rhodes said, “West Linn needs some identity.”

“Building an aquatic center would give a boost to West Linn’s sense of community , but the upfront cost is high for us taxpayers,” Rhodes said.