Teacher hall pass policies

Being able to use the restroom and get a drink of water during class should be a natural right of a High School student. To relieve and quench your thirst to better your learning is very important. However not being able to do such activities less than four times a quarter is definitely limiting students. Of course making sure your students are present and invested in class is important. But when does it go too far? Some are worse than others, but most teachers with these rules also offer the luxury of extra credit points in exchange for unused hall-passes. And this is where the dilemma is presented.

Peers must choose, extra credit while being uncomfortable or thirsty, or using those points to better their disposition and theoretically do better in class with a more comfortable mindset? However both these options affect  grades. With students focusing on their discomforts instead ofclasswork. And teachers feeling relieving their discomforts is a equal transaction for bonus points In the end, it does not support a steady agenda and encourage a strong learning environment..

The reasoning behind such policies is to ensure students will remain in class and learn, But how easy is it to pay attention when nature is calling? How can those extra credit points make up for peers focusing on discomfort? The defense is not as solid as the criticism. If someone has to use the bathroom or get a drink of water, its one of their bodies first priorities. To satisfy that priority is to satisfy the priority of education. Students should be able to put 100 percent into their learning and educational activities

There is also the matter of menstruation, with female students risking extreme discomfort, embarrassment, or overflow. It’s embarrassing to approach a teacher, especially male teachers on that subject, and girls should not have to be put in that situation.

We aren’t always able to have a water bottle, or have time to go before class. We should also have access to that during class, for all classes. These policies control the body of the student, in intention to control their mindset, however it is working against the best interest. Being able to have an education is a privilege in America, it should be a priority to provide facilities and support for students with that education. These types of policies are contradicting that, and limiting our freedom and right to learn.