Iris Brucker

Iris Brucker, Co-Opinions Editor

Iris Brucker, sophomore, had always been an answer seeker at heart. Since a young age she was constantly asking questions about anything and everything, her rapid thirst for knowledge leading to an above average vocabulary at a young age and a reading level one or two grades above her own.

“I love to learn, to explore new ideas, and see how far human knowledge can go in the scale of the universe.” Brucker said.

Starting in eighth grade Brucker enrolled in a broadcast class at her junior high. There, she was responsible for morning announcements, articles, and student based-research and interviews. However this new interest was cut short when Brucker moved from herIdaho school to a new one in West Linn, Oregon.

“The move was abrupt and surprising, I had to leave my whole life behind and start a new one, I had to find new ways to engage my interests, and find people who did the same,” Brucker said.

This trail-breaker did not prove to be too life-changing with Brucker still able to explore her interests in the media through becoming involved with such classes as yearbook and photography during her 8th and 9th grade of school.

“To be able to have a creative and exploratory outlet again is refreshing, and West Linn having such excellent resources makes it even better.” Brucker said.

The trail of journalistic endeavors and questions does not end for Brucker, who has just enrolled in an actual journalism class in Sophomore year, She hopes it will persist throughout the rest of her high school and adult life.

“I hope to pursue this subject and interest of media into perhaps a profession or career, given I enjoy it so much.” Brucker said.

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Iris Brucker