Rowing Club continues to grow at West Linn High School

The Rowing club has jumped to popularity in the last two years. Many West Linn students join forces with Lake Oswego teens to participate in Rowing.


Water sports in Oregon are almost unheard of. With a tendency of rain, wind, and cold water, rowing might seem like a surprising sport for many West Linn High School students to participate in.
Graham Pearce, junior, first found out about rowing from his friends. “I never expected it to be so intense. I love the friendships I’ve made and the places we go.” Pearce said. “I get to go spend time with my friends and do a hard workout.”
During the summer, the rowing club had conditioning at 6 a.m. 4 days a week to work towards their goal. Parker Warren, junior, enjoyed the water and loved getting to spend time with his friends.
“I didn’t know I would be so involved with I first joined.” Warren said. My friends supported me to join and I wasn’t expecting to have this much fun.”
In between the tough workouts the athletes get a lot of time to bond and spend time together.
“Our team is like a family and I wouldn’t change that for the world!” Pearce said.