Emily Jun Hayes

Emily Jun Hayes, Staff reporter

Sometimes life doesn’t leave enough room for more than the necessities. For Emily Jun Hayes, Sophomore, there is hardly time to spare due to a constant busy schedule mixed in with academics; however, the free time she does have is mostly spent on reading, which she has been avidly doing since early childhood.


“I’ve finished reading the entirety of the teen and young adult section and a large portion of the adult section at the West Linn library,” Hayes said. “Any and all genres, it really doesn’t make a huge difference to me. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s well-written, it’s worth a read.”


When she was younger, Hayes used to want to become an author herself, although she never really thought it would happen and the urge to write started to dwindle until it faded almost completely. Although she originally was uninterested in Journalism, she is still excited and holds hopes of perhaps regaining some of her passion for writing through it.


“Over the summer a few years back, I wrote a book that I was super proud of. I never revisited because life got chaotic so it still sits in my document drafts, unedited and unopened,” Hayes said.


Although she never really looked into journalism before sophomore year, she has experience discussing about current events with people around her and has found that she views the world in a different light than a majority of her friends and family because of this.


“The world tends to try to ignore reality,” Said Hayes. “Resources like journalism are very important to helping people open their eyes to things outside of themselves.”


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Emily Jun Hayes