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Anna Gay, Staff Writer

Anna Gay, freshman, wouldn’t have imagined being in journalism, but that’s where she ended up. “I have always enjoyed writing,” Gay said. 

 “I was forecasted into weight training, but switched out of it before the school year began,” Gay said. “Weight training isn’t my thing. When I found out that I was put into journalism, I was excited to be put in a different class that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.” 

“Writing for a class or for a project has always been easy for me since I can just share with the teacher,” Gay said. “Sharing my work with my peers has always made me uncomfortable, so taking journalism is a bit of a stretch.”  

Gay is excited for journalism and what’s to come in the school year. Gay went to elementary school in Southern California, and then went to Athey Creek Middle School. “I was ready for middle school and moving because my family and I are from Oregon,” Gay said.  

School has been something that Gay enjoys and excels in. She enjoys the social aspect of school because she is an only child. “School is fun for me because I usually don’t struggle with learning,” Gay said. “I’m a good listener and I make sure that I have time to study.” 

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Anna Gay