Jenna Ittershagen

Jenna Ittershagen, Yearbook Staff

Jenna Ittershagen, 11 is definitely an animal lover; she has three cats and two dogs. Her family consists of her mom, dad, and sister who is a freshman at West Linn.

Ittershagen plays on the women's varsity lacrosse team and the co-Ed soccer team for the school. “I prefer to play lacrosse but I love playing soccer with my friends, it’s not serious at all. It’s just a way to have fun and stay in shape.” says Ittershagen.

In her free time, Jenna loves to go tanning “I spent most of my summer trying to tan, I also love getting spray tans. My friends and I just bought a spray tanning machine, so we are really excited to use it.”. She also loves to hangout with her friends at sporting events and at the docks. “We only really hangout on the weekend or at sporting events, because we are all so busy during the week with sports.” says Ittershagen. Ittershagen is very social and loves football games and to go snowboarding.

When Jenna is older, she wants to be a teacher for the third grade, because “they are independent and they want to learn”. She is also considering working in the medical field, “I’m not sure what I want to do. If I had to choose, I would want to do nursing and work with kids.”.  

She spent her summer by the docks tanning and doing watersports and watching Grey's Anatomy. “My favorite character is George O’Malley and Christina Yang, I had George as my lockscreen for the longest time”.

Jenna is an all around caring person, “I don’t judge, I will talk to anyone and everyone. I love making new friends. I can’t wait for my junior year to start because I’m one step closer to graduating and I can’t wait to do things I’ve never done before.” says Ittershagen. If ever you need to find her, be sure to check the docks or the school’s sporting events. You’ll be sure to find her there.

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Jenna Ittershagen