Melanie Hall

Melanie Hall, Staff Reporter

Sitting anxiously, the young sophomore shifted in the chair, watching the clock tick. It was time for forecasting, and she was still trying to make up her mind about some classes. She could hear herself breathing shakily. Finally, after what seemed like eons, the door to the counselor's office opened, and so did the door to opportunity.

Writing has always been something interesting to Melanie Hall, junior, ever since seventh grade. In her sophomore year, Hall finally acted on this curiosity, and signed up for creative writing. There, Hall fell in love, and her relationship with writing grew.

“I always saw writing as something powerful,” Hall said. “I admired authors and was constantly coming up with in depth stories, characters and poems. Sometimes I would write instead of doing school work.”

But that's not where her curiosity ended. During the second semester of her sophomore year, Hall became interested in journalism. She then signed up to take the class during her junior year.

“I sort of romanticized it. I imagined interviewing celebrities, uncovering groundbreaking stories, and writing for the New York Times,” Hall said. “I know it sounds crazy, but I believe this could, no, will, happen.”

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Melanie Hall