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Nicole Gray

Nicole Gray, Photo editor

Nicole Gray, junior, is very much a people person; she loves her friends and family more than anything. This summer Gray spent the vast majority of her time with either friends or family.  Her favorite part about her summer was attending the Young Life Camp, especially because of the people.

“The people at Young Life were all there for different reason and I enjoyed hearing about every one of those reasons,” Gray said.

Not only is Gray close to her friends, but she also has a very tight knit family.  She, and her twin brother Chris are especially close.  Whenever Gray desires to do some kind of an activity she always wants to enjoy that activity with her family.  Such as, during the winter her family often goes skiing together at Timberline.

Gray’s social aspects have pushed her towards journalism, as she loves people and also writing about the people.

“The class I enjoy the most is English probably because I can understand it the most out of all my classes,” Gray said.

However, she is also very much enthralled with the photography characteristic of journalism.  This is also due to her social charisma.  She enjoys catching the emotions of the people through her lens.

Despite Gray being born in Oregon she has not always lived in Oregon.  When she was just five years old her family and her moved to Turkey.  They moved due to a job opportunity presented to her father.

“I remember Turkey being very crowded,” Gray said.

However, Gray was only in Turkey for a year and moved back to Oregon because of her twin brother’s appendix burst. Turkey opened Gray’s eyes to the world it influenced her love for world travel.

Not only does travel and writing captivate Gray but, she is also keen on biology.  She finds it interesting due to all the careers that can come out of having a Biology degree.  Gray feels that these two subjects writing and biology can help her achieve to what she wants for her future.

“I think my purpose in life is to help people,” Gray said.

Her senior year she maybe on the way to partly achieving her purpose, as she hopes to travel abroad using a program called People to People to help children learn English.  However, according to Gary and her tuff rigorous schedule she  may not have time to travel abroad her senior year.

“Nicki loves helping people and watching them smile,” Said Katie Moller, Junior, one of Gray’s many friends.

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Nicole Gray