Farmed or fresh

Farmed or fresh

The question is farmed or fresh? Which is better for our health and what is the difference? Many people don’t know the answers to these questions and some don’t even understand the difference between the two. Salmon is just something that you can buy as the store and there are two options: farmed or fresh?

What is the difference? The difference is farmed fish is “grown” in containers. There are two different types of containing areas. One is in free flowing water but the fish are contained by nets and are fed by the companies or people who own them. The other type is a container like ones you see whales and dolphins living in at the zoo.

The farmers give the fish many different types of food. Including corn which is cheap and easy to find. Fish live in the water; in their natural state they would not be able to consume corn.

The food that the fish eat will end up in our bodies. This is also a problem because when you have a large quantity of fish, disease is spread faster and so the farmers are giving the fish antibiotics which studies show affects our health. I think that people should not eat farmed fish and stop promoting it because it is bad for our health. It is not safe. Fish are meant to be in the wild. Fish are a part of our ecosystem and this can affect more than just fish population. It could affect our ecosystem dramatically.

According to Fish Farming’s Growing Dangers by Ken Stier if farmed fishing is done properly it is okay, but we are far away from that happening. Fish need to build muscle and they do that by swimming in currents. If a fish is put into a take it swims in circles. According to Scientific American about 20% of fish die in captivity because they are out of shape.  Building muscle and maturing is what makes eating fish so good for your body. The fish population has decreased from overfishing. This is a problem that is being “fixed” by farm fishing. I think that another alternative is to make more laws protecting the fish and slowly the fish population will grow.

Farmed fishing needs to stop until we have the materials for it to be safe and as healthy as fresh fish.This is not good for us and for our health. Fish in the wild where they are fresh is better and a safer way to go.