Lauren Terry
Not a lot of people are so motivated for college as Lauren Terry, senior, is. She aspires to do a lot in the coming future starting with graduating high school and going to vet school.

“I just really love animals, and I’m vegan so that inspired it.” Terry said.

She is planning on going in state for college for four years, and is excited to be able to help the animals as she takes pride in helping others.  

“I like helping people, and it will make me feel good to have that kind of job, and I don’t think it’s something that I would dread doing everyday.” she said

Terry also hopes to get back into playing softball with her teammates.

“ I played softball since I was six.” Terry said. “My mom played all the way through college and she was really good. She's like the best. She wanted me and my sister to play because she still loves softball.”

She is currently not playing due to a knee injury but has grown up playing with her family and is very eager to get back on the field. Terry is currently very excited to be in journalism and believes it will be very helpful for the future.

Lauren Terry, WLHSnow Staff

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Lauren Terry