Give help this winter


With one of the coldest winters Ore. has experienced in comparison to past years, most people are fortunate to have the gift of warmth, shelter and food. Due to this blessing, it can often be hard to imagine that anyone lives differently, or to see the other side of safety from the freezing temperature. However, the number of people living on the streets this winter has gradually increased. “According to this year’s PIT survey, the number of homeless people in Ore. increased by 6%, from 13,176 in 2015 to 13,953 in 2017,” (

Approximately 15 percent of the homeless population is chronically homeless (meaning they are homeless for a long period of time). Although this number has declined, there are still plenty who can benefit from your help especially during this winter season.

One business working on this issue is Columbia Bank, who has launched their Warm Hearts Winter Drive once again. This drive aims to help thousands of homeless people across the Pacific Northwest stay warm this winter. They donate 100% of their funds directly to shelters and relief organizations in the community. Donations can be made online and or at your local Columbia Bank location.  

Furthermore, donations go far beyond just this drive. There are countless amounts of charities across the Northwest that you can help this winter, and any donation makes a difference.