Mackenzie Krish
When she’s not out rafting in the Snake River, or working on homework, Mackenzie Krish, junior is reading a new book, or writing an article. She began reading chapter books like Junie B. Jones in first grade. After picking up the book, “Ways To Live Forever” by Sally Nicholls, she was hooked.

It was the first book I read where I had to find the happy ending,” Krish said. “It wasn't just predictably there like all the other books I'd read so far.” Her current favorite books include the “Catcher in the Rye” and the “Grapes of Wrath.”

Later, Krish came to appreciate the art of writing as well, but through hard times. In middle school, the avid reader and writer faced hell-like problems that greatly affected her. Krish used writing as a way to escape the chaos of her struggling friends.

However, it was not picking up a book or overcoming life’s obstacles that influenced Krish to take journalism, it was a popular T.V show named the “Gilmore Girls.” The main female lead, Rory Gilmore majored in journalism at Yale, and that appealed to Krish.  

“It was a very pivotal T.V show in my life,” said Krish. “As a little kid, I just idolized her [Rory]. As a result, I thought journalism was the best option for a major.” As a sophomore, Krish realized there was one class that combined reading, writing and the “Gilmore Girls” into one: journalism.

“I like journalism because it’s a lot more writing, compared to yearbook,” Krish said. Now, as a junior, Krish takes two AP classes, participates in several clubs, like Model U.N, and enjoys learning about history and language. With a strong work ethic and a drive to learn, she’s achieved a perfect 4.0 G.P.A.

In the future, Krish hopes to attend Yale University and major in journalism, history or language but for now, she looks forward to her first year of writing for WLHSNow.

Mackenzie Krish, Staff Reporter

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Mackenzie Krish