Morgan Johnson
A walk with her dog and a shower wakes up Morgan Johnson, freshman, right away every morning at 6 a.m. She then will move on to breakfast and making her lunch for school. She has her eyes on the future, yet she doesn’t know what that future is. All Morgan knows is that her ambition and motivation will get her somewhere in life. 

“My education is one of the things I value most,” Johnson said. She is academically driven and excited to face the new challenges of high school will bring. She doesn’t necessarily love school, but she knows that her hardwork and determination will pay off. 

“Journalism was a mix of things I enjoy,” she said. “It includes photography, writing and some technology”. 

She said Journalism was not at the top of her forecasting sheet, yet she is still thrilled that she is here and learning a new thing every second. Whether it is a simple computer trick or a whole new lesson, Johnson is here to learn. She wants to go out of her comfort zone and try new things. 

“I hope to find new passions and interests through this class,” Johnson said, “Life is full of surprises and I’m ready for them.” 

Morgan Johnson, Staff Writer

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Morgan Johnson