Where do you stand on the 2016 Presidential Election?

As the presidential 2016 campaign is already heating up, WLHS students begin to think about where they stand in politics.


As high school students we are often overlooked in the political. When we have strong opinions adults claim that we don’t know exactly what we are talking about and therefore should not have an opinion at all. Yet from all media sources, from CNN and Fox we see campaign footage 24/7. How could we, as students, not form an opinion?

“I will always stand with the Republican party because they are traditionalist and stick to religion and family,” Devon Voeller, junior and Republican supporter said. “My family is from the South and I hold pride in my ancestors and their beliefs.” When considering political presidential candidates, Voeller looks forward to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

“I like how honest Trump is. He is helping the republican party and verbalizing what a lot of the voters are thinking.” Voeller said. With the issue of gun rights coming into the news lately Voeller holds on strongly to his right of the second amendment. “The issue never has and never will be guns,” Voeller said.

Voeller can be seen voicing his opinion via social media. “I know a lot of people don’t agree with what I say, but I will always stay strong to my political views.”

Reed Stanten, junior uses his twitter to show his strong emotions about politics. “I am a liberal, I believe in the democratic party and the things they have to offer,” Stanten said. “I am all about equality, Why should one type of human be favored? We are all human.”

“The majority of America is middle class and when you turn on Fox News or listen to Donald Trump you are ignoring the majority of our country,” Stanten said.

Candidates have already started heavily campaigning over a year before the election in November 2016. As a result high school students are making dedications to the different candidates.   “There is a lot of controversy around Hillary Clinton which I don’t like, but I consider Bill Clinton one of the best presidents of all time. I would not oppose to another Clinton in the white house.” Stanten said. “So far, I think Bernie Sanders has won my vote.”

Stanten is very opposed to the stereotypes that go along with being a liberal. “People see me as a ‘weed smoking hippy’ because of my political views. That’s why people at West Linn High School shy away from showing their opinions; they are scared of being judged.” Stanten has grown up in a liberal family and is very inspired by both of his parents political views. “We do not agree on everything, they let me branch out on my political views and have different opinions than they do.” Stanten said.