ASB gives the green light on 2017 May Day

The 98th May Day announces the court and begins the prep for Apr. 28


Rameen Ali

King Tim Harman and Queen Sophie Gabler, seniors, dance at the May Day 2015 celebration Harman looks forward to his future after West Linn High School attending the Naval Academy Prep School and continuing to wrestle.

As winter bursts into spring ASB feels the weight of May Day on their shoulders. This 97 year old tradition has become a favorite for students and community alike. Past themes like candyland and city of roses were hard themes to live up to this year.

“We chose Great Gatsby as our theme this year and I’m super excited about it. The backdrop for May Day will be beautiful and the 1920s all together is exciting,” Zane Stallcup, senior, said. “It took a lot of debating but I think the whole student body is going to love the theme,”

Last Thursday the 2017 May Court was announced. The senior girls and senior boys were finally dwelled down to our 9 couples for May Court. After speeches, essays and a student body vote May Day coordinators Annie Kaiser and Debbie McKeown-Daniels announced the court in a room full of anxious students.  Once the court was announced they got straight to work.

Already two waltz and court practices in, Ellery Ross, senior, sees May Court as such a unique opportunity, “May Court brings members of the senior class together and is such a tradition at West Linn. I’m beyond lucky to be one of the 9 girls picked this year,” Ross said.

The May Court is a tradition that has been around for all of the 98 May Day celebrations at West Linn. Watching this tradition take place the last four years, Isabella Cao, senior, has always wanted to be a part of it.

“I’ve always wanted to be a princess, ever since I went to Disneyland when I was little all I wanted to do was wear the big dress and be a part of something like that,” Cao said.

“I’ve  wanted to be a part of May Court for a really long time now,” Emma McCurry, senior said. “Being on court isn’t like an experience I’ve ever had and I’ll probably never have an opportunity like this again,”

For Oliver Tufte, senior, waltzing is not something he ever thought he would do. “Getting to put on a performance for the school with a great group of kids is the best part. Plus, the free dance lessons aren’t bad!” Tufte said. “It’s so weird but has been the best part of my senior year,”

The court has ten mandatory dance practices where they also practice how to bow, curtsy and perform like a formal court.

“Dancing with my girlfriend Katie Jones has been really fun, I feel bad because I have two left feet but she’s a really good sport about it” Tristan Waits, senior, said.

On Apr. 28 May Day will be performed twice, once at noon and the other at 7:30 following the varsity baseball game.

The following couples are on the 2017 May Day Court

Isabella Cao & Evan Kohne

Dani Schroeder & Elijah Molden

Zoe Craig & Oliver Tufte

Nell Egan & Hunter Johnson

Aly Sato & Jake Meisan

Emma McCurry & Sanders Jones

Ellery Ross & Seth Long

Jane Robinson & Connor Lang