Italian in Portland

A calm atmosphere and a classic interior is the first thing one notices when entering, Justa Pasta, a quaint Italian Restaurant on NW 19th in Portland. It wasn’t very busy at the time we arrived, so we decided to sit outside. Before that could happen we had to go to the counter and order our food. The specials, drinks and desserts are on a big chalkboard, but some of the writing was very hard to read. As we stood in line, I felt crushed between the counter and an obstructive wine cabinet.

When we sat at the table, the waitresses put out bread, which was very light and fluffy. I ordered Lasagna with Marinara and Mixed Greens for about eight dollars, but what I mostly saw were mixed greens glistening with oil that almost covered all of my lasagna. After I had moved my greens to the side, I ate my lasagna, which tasted delicious. It had a mix of vegetables inside of it, and some were soggy, which was not very appetizing. If I had the choice, I probably would have only eaten bread for the entire meal, because it was better than my order. After I had eaten most of my food I ordered some vanilla ice cream that was a little over-priced at three dollars for two small scoops.

The vegetarian options were mostly just salad and they did not have gluten-free dishes. The price ranged from six to twenty dollars for the menu. Justa Pasta was a great experience and very appetizing, even if it was over-priced. I would give Justa Pasta a B for the food and calming atmosphere.