“Anchorman Two” scores another success

“Anchorman Two” shocks crowds and scores big on the ridiculous side

“Anchorman Two” dives into viewer’s imaginations and tells exaggerated tales of what news was like in the 1980s. The film combines comedy and a sporadic storyline to entice viewers to keep watching. This fun film is jam packed with famous actors such as Will Smith, Harrison Ford and Jim Carrey. Ron Burgundy’s (Ferrell) life is wonderful after he gathers up his news team to do a 24-hour newscast. Flipping cars, crazy fights and broken friendships all add to this movie’s flare and carries to a dramatic finish.

The first half of this movie was incredibly funny even if it was a bit over the top. Director Adam McKay had the viewers wondering what crazy stunt would happen next. When the second half rolled around, it turned into a nightmare evolving into a parody. They packed the film with famous actors doing weird things. For example, John C. Reilly played the ghost of Stonewall Jackson, Steve Carrell was a crazy Canadian, and Harrison Ford turned into a werewolf.

If you like a nonstop gutbuster movie this is the one for you. “Anchorman Two” scores low on the serious note but you are in for a wild rollercoaster ride of a movie if you are into Will Ferrell and his team making broadcast history. Guaranteed to be crazier than the first, in my opinion, it was also better than the first. I give it a B+ for creativity and engaging the audience throughout.