“Lone Survivor” tells a touching true tale

One man’s survival story reminds Americans of the heroism of our soldiers overseas

Jumping down cliffs, taking bullet wounds and still living to fight through the battle for your comrades beside you is what “Lone Survivor” is all about. It takes us into the harsh conditions of Afghanistan in an unreal survivor story from 2005. “Lone Survivor” shows us the experience of Marcus Lutrell (Mark Wahlberg) and his team trying to take down a high priority Taliban target. Director Peter Berg and Marcus Lutrell realistically portray the real tragedies of war. Based on New York Times bestseller “Lone Survivor” by Lutrell, this movie is one of the only movies that is better than its book.

This heartfelt film honors soldiers even in their death. It gives Americans insight on how tightly knit these special forces teams are. Even though I knew the end result because I read the book, it was still very moving. The film describes the real life situation of four soldiers trapped in Taliban territory who are stranded. Gruesome falls and wounds add to the intensity of the film making it more realistic and believable. It’s like entering a warzone.

Overall, this is my favorite war film and is much more touching than “Black Hawk Down” and more intense than “The Hurt Locker.” The real story behind the film is the incredible journey of one man’s survival against all odds. Berg did a perfect job of illustrating the real life dangers and atrocities of war. He also added pictures of the fallen heroes at the end of “Lone Survivor.” Which made me, personally, feel very patriotic. Not one person in the theatre stood up to leave while these photographs streamed on the screen.

“Lone Survivor” is rated R for strong bloody war violence and pervasive language. It deserves a solid A for an intense story and stunning military acting. “Lone Survivor” is a must see.