Mac Demarco captures his audience with originality and energy on stage


After the release of his album, “Salad Days,” Mac Demarco entered the limelight because of his unique sound and captivating stage presence.

Just a year ago, when I began listening to Mac Demarco, never would I have imagined seeing the huge amount of fans who filed outside of the Crystal Ballroom, which is located on Burnside in downtown Portland on Apr. 22.

When I heard that there were going to be two opening bands, “Meth Teeth” and “Dinner,” I was afraid I would become bored and impatient, but each of their 45 minute sets were different and equally as interesting. Just hearing the name “Meth Teeth” made me a little unsure of what their music was going to sound like but I ended up loving it; their raw, angsty sound was a great contrast to “Dinner’s” techno music. “Dinner,” who toured with Demarco, was extremely entertaining with his upbeat stage presence, quirky aerobic style dance moves, and his 1980s new wave sound.

At most concerts at the Crystal Ballroom, the average audience is comprised of shrieking 17 year olds, but this wasn’t the case for Demarco. Although the older audience didn’t help our ability to see or stand upright, they had less of a need to scream and it was funny to see how most of them matched Demarco’s carefree skater style.

Despite other opinions, I loved the mosh pit even though it didn’t match Demarco’s carefree music. It not only gave us adrenaline, but it helped to create more of a party, feel good atmosphere. The constant waves of pushing brought us closer to him, but it was at a cost for some. The sweaty, body filled mosh pit forced some to leave the cloud of hot breath and sweat for water and cool air.

Mac Demarco is one of the most alternative performers out there because of his vintage guitar riffs and deep whispery voice that instantly makes you feel nostalgia. Watching Mac Demarco live was one of the rawest, realest forms of entertainment. I give “Demarco” an A- because of the combination of his messy style, breezy attitude and psychedelic pop sound. With tickets only $25, the sold out show was a well spent Wednesday night.