Hippo Campus Concert – You Won’t Want to Miss It


Don’t mistake this Hippocampus for a part of the brain; Hippo Campus the band is an indie rock band originating from St. Paul, MN. Comprised of four members, vocalist Jake Luppen, guitarist, Nathan Stockar, bassist Zach Sutton, and Drummer Whistler Allen (known by their nicknames Stitches, Beans, Turntan, and Espo) Hippo Campus has recently gained popularity and recognition for their first official tour, The Landmark Tour.

Hippo Campus was formed by members in their senior year of high school in St. Paul, MN. Currently, all members are in their twenties and producing more music every year. They released their first EP Bashful Creatures in 2014, and then signed on with Grand Jury records and re-released the EP under the new label. They then released their second EP, South in 2015, and released their single “Boyish” in 2016. Recently, they released their first full-length album Landmark in Feb. 2017 along with their supporting international tour, The Landmark Tour. Most recently, they have released a new EP Warm Glow in Sept. 2017 composed of three songs: Baseball, Traveler, and Warm Glow. Hippo Campus has been known to be a genre of Indie rock or Alternative rock. Some of their most popular songs include “South”, “Violet”, “Suicide Saturday”, and “Way it Goes”. Their music is available on many different platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora.

Hippo Campus will be visiting Portland, OR. on Jan. 20. The location and time is McMenamins Crystal Ballroom at 9:00 P.M (1332 West Burnside Street, Portland, OR). Tickets are $18 per person for all ages. For ticket purchases or more information on The Landmark Tour, visit the Hippo Campus website at http://hippocampusband.com/home . This is definitely a concert you won’t want to miss.