Never trust a knock on your cabin door

A horror movie is supposed to have horror, not just focus on some boring talk about a hypothetical apocalypse in a cabin.


Cynthia Yoder

Movie cover for “Knock at the Cabin” released Feb. 3, 2023

One of 2023’s most anticipated horror movies, “Knock at the Cabin,”premiered in theaters last month. The movie takes us to a remote cabin in the woods, where four strangers take a young girl and her parents hostage. These four strangers were specifically chosen to prevent the apocalypse, and tell the family that if they don’t sacrifice one of their own, an apocalypse will come. It’s up to the family to prevent the end of the world.

A horror movie is supposed to have horror, not just focus on some boring talk about a hypothetical apocalypse in a cabin. When the four strangers break into the cabin, there is no shock factor, and it isn’t very action packed or violent. The strangers instead have a conversation with the family by attempting to convince them to sacrifice one of their family members for the greater good. The world that they know is being destroyed by fiery cataclysms which are large-scale violent events. This movie does sound intriguing, however, if you watched the trailer before seeing the movie, you might as well save your money.

This movie has an intriguing title that it fails to live up to, as the plot is boring and predictable. When watching a horror or thriller film one of the main attention grabbers is the twists, turns, and the violence. This movie has zero twists and turns. It’s like reading a 400-page book where every sentence is saying the same thing with different words.They just added the same thing thinking the viewer wouldn’t already see it coming.

The trailer basically tells the whole entire story in two minutes and 43 seconds. “Knock at the Cabin” is an hour and 40 minutes for no reason. It’s an attempt at an exciting plot, with zero action to it, and you can tell exactly what’s going to happen at the end of the movie. This movie was given an R-rating implying only people 18 and older should see it but I really don’t see a need for this rating. The reason “Knock at the Cabin” was given an R rating is because of the common use of inappropriate language.

“Knock at the Cabin” holds a lot of potential in the script where they could have added suspense or a plot twist where viewers would not find the plot points predictable. I think if they added more suspense or a twist when the four strangers come into the cabin it would have added a lot to the plot and intrigue viewers. This movie is a 2 out of 5, as it lacks the whole thriller that is supposed to be in thriller horror movies.

The movie stars former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista who plays Leonard, who is described as a calm second-grade teacher. He is one of the four strangers who is trying to stop the apocalypse. I thought Bautista did a very good job acting in this movie. I can agree with critics when they say his acting is the most pleasant surprise in the film. The way he is able to act an emotion on cue is incredible. In one scene there is a tear falling down his face which he was able to do on cue without having any laughter or mess-ups before. Seeing him being able to act such expressive emotions is fascinating.

There are hundreds of reviews from viewers who have seen “Knock at the Cabin.” I can agree when they say this movie lacks the predictability that the plot holds. Only a small number of reviewers gave this movie high ratings. M. Night Shyamalan is the producer of “Knock at the Cabin” and is well-known for his supernatural plots and twist endings. So what happened to the twist ending and predicted horror plot in “Knock at the Cabin?” Fans of Shyamalan, who have watched his previous horror films, are probably wondering what happened in this movie.

If you’re asking yourself if “Knock at the Cabin” is worth your money, the answer would be no. This movie might be the worst horror film released in the last year. Unless you don’t read any reviews or watch the trailer then in that case if you are looking for a horror movie with a predictable plot, “Knock at the Cabin” is perfect for you.